Inter-Jurisdictional Regulatory Collaboration Committee

The purpose of the Inter-jurisdictional Regulatory Collaboration Committee (IRCC) is to promote effective international collaboration concerning ‘best current practice’ building regulatory systems, in particular those that are functional, objective, or performance-based. This purpose necessitates interaction with bodies having compatible interests worldwide.

Specific goals of the IRCC include:

  1. Providing a forum for promoting a common understanding of, and a framework for, building regulatory system development that are objective based and aim to meet societal needs;

  2. Identifying contemporary and anticipated public policies, regulatory infrastructure, education and technology issues for implementing and managing building regulatory systems.

  3. Fostering the exchange of ideas and the development of ‘best current practice’ documents and approaches;

  4. Promoting the sharing of information and the pooling of resources to aid research and development of commonly-needed components of a ‘best current practice’ building regulatory system;

  5. Providing guidance and feedback for members in their development and implementation of ‘best current practice’ building regulatory systems;

  6. Providing benefit to countries embarking on ‘best current practice’ building regulation development, by providing guidance and reference materials, thus minimising potential duplication;

  7. Developing ‘best current practice’ building regulatory systems that cultivate productivity, competitiveness and innovation; and

  8. Fostering co-operation and participation in activities that contribute to the international community (Note: that the involvement of individual members in such activities is at their discretion).


Upcoming IRCC Meeting

The next IRCC meetings will be held as follows:

a) 30 October - 1 November, 2023, Christchurch, NZ


Latest News

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Special Events

The IRCC is celebrating its 25th year! We've composed a 'Brief History of the IRCC and a Look Forward' to highlight our roots, activities, key contributions over the years, and plans for the future. Read more.